Foster of the Week: Crossy



Finally! You’re here! Let’s go sit and cuddle, you can rub my head while I tell you all about me.

My name is Crossy. I’m six years old and sweet as can be.

I came to Zoe’s as an SNR. Zoe’s has a fabulous Spay/Neuter Return program and I came in to be spayed. However, during my examination, it was discovered that I have an autoimmune disease: eosinophilic granuloma complex. That’s what was causing all the sores on my body. (I looked pretty rough when I came in.) Having been properly diagnosed, the lovely Zoe’s people could treat my sores and try to make sure I don’t get them again. I am feeling SO much better!

Eosinophilic granuloma complex is easy to treat. All it takes is a simple steroid shot. My foster mom sneaks it when I’m devouring some delicious wet food and I don’t even notice.

I LOVE people. Love, love, LOVE them!! I am ecstatic when my foster mom comes home. I run to greet her at the door and sweetly demand snuggles. There’s nothing I love more than sitting on her lap, snuggling and head-butting her. She let me sleep on her bed with her and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. A WHOLE night snuggled next to my human!?!? How could life possibly get any better!!??

My foster mom says I make her feel like the most important person in the world. I love her so much.

I also love when people come to visit. I always say “a stranger is a just lap you haven’t yet had the chance to warm.” I like other cats too, but not all of them are as friendly and outgoing as I am. I forget that sometimes, so I can be a little too much for them. I just need reminders and proper introductions so I don’t overwhelm my feline friends.

I can get very carried away with my love and affection, which sometimes leads to mouthing and biting. I don’t mean to hurt and my foster mom is working on this with me, but I shouldn’t be around young children until I get a handle on this. I really don’t want to hurt anyone.

So. Now that your lap is warm and you know all about me, whaddya say we go on over to my bio so you can apply to adopt me?