Printable Puppy and Kitten Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you looking for unique Valentine’s? Then look no further!


Jen from Mama & Co., who sold adorable wienie dog gift tags for us at Christmas, has added another cute item to her etsy store in support of Zoe’s.

kittenvalentineYou can chose from puppy or kitty color-your-own designs (or both!).

And as Jen suggests,

These cards are perfect for:
– young children who colour the Valentines in before giving them to grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins, or friends
– kids who are sharing valentines day cards at school (leave the cards blank for the recipient to colour in themselves and attach 3 or 4 crayons from the dollar store in a small plastic bag)
– attaching to homemade kitty or puppy treats
– for animal lovers

All proceeds from these Valentine’s go straight to Zoe’s to help more animals in need.

Visit the Mama & Co Etsy store to purchase your perfect Valentine’s Day Cards.