All I want for Christmas is a…BarkBox subscription!

BarkboxGraphicHave you heard the news? There’s an amazing gift on the block, and just in time for the holidays they’ve partnered with Zoe’s to provide fun treats for your pooch and give back to Zoe’s at the same time!

What’s BarkBox, you ask? Well, every month, a package of specially selected natural treats and super fun toys will be delivered to each subscriber, all designed around a different theme each time!

When you subscribe, you select your dog’s size and they do the rest, picking wheat-, corn-, and soy-free treats (they also offer chicken-, beef-, and turkey-free BarkBoxes for dogs with those allergies) sure to please even the most demanding palate.

The toys are also carefully selected to appeal to a broad range of pups, and if your dog loves his or her toys to absolute pieces, you can always find the same toys available for re-order in the Bark Shop!

Boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month, and are an excellent way to provide novel enrichment to your dog, no matter what size or energy level!

What’s even better is that, as part of our partnership with BarkBox, $25 from every subscription goes directly to us when you place your order using the code ZOESRESCUE. So, this Christmas, give the gift of healthy treats and fun toys to the top dog on your Christmas list…and help us to continue providing life-changing services for the dogs and cats of the Edmonton area!


Holiday gifts for small dogs

Small dogs have a rough go of it in Edmonton winters: deep snow, short days, and cold temperatures. So they may need a little more pampering around the holidays, right? If you’re wondering how to stuff your petite pooch’s stocking this year, don’t worry: rescue ally Franklin has you covered. He’s made a list of the top gifts for the small dog who holds a big place in your heart.

Franklin dons a red Muttluks snowsuit for a romp with his fuzzier sibling

Franklin dons a red Muttluks snowsuit for a romp with his fuzzier sibling.

A Muttluks snowsuit
Sure, there are plenty of dog sweaters out there. But which ones hold up to strenuous use? Franklin, who has his own drawer of winter clothing, can attest to the warmth and utility of Muttluks snowsuits. Unlike many coats, these cover the back legs. AND they’re reversible! Two outfits in one for the fashion-conscious pup!
Muttlucks also makes tall snow boots (which Franklin doesn’t love, per se, but they help keep his tootsies toasty!)

Remember, when it dips down to -15C or so, keep walks short!

A DIY snood

Snooded up and ready to go!

Snooded up and ready to go!

A snood is a tight-fitting tube scarf, and is perfect for those days when thin ears are at risk of freezing. You can find fashionable ones on Etsy, or simply cut the foot off of a tall wool sock. (Even your pup can experience the disappointment of receiving socks for Christmas!)

Kong Squeezz Crackle toys

Durable rubber, crinkly-bottle insides, and festive glam sparkles: the new Kong Squeez Crackle toys are perfect stocking stuffers for indoor dogs who need stimulation. These are a great alternative to obnoxious squeaky toys. Franklin loves the texture and I love the muffled sound.

Lessons at the Edmonton Humane Society

Classes are great for small dogs who can’t run around outside in the winter and need some stimulation and exercise. The Edmonton Humane Society offers a range of 6 week classes, from basic courses like manners and agility, to problem-solving courses like building confidence and reducing leash reactivity. Franklin loves practicing his agility and tricks indoors on cold days: a cheap Ikea tunnel helps to turn the living room into an agility course!

bullysticksjpgBully sticks

Bully sticks may seem a little awkward (they’re made from dehydrated bull penises!), but they’re all natural, and dogs love them. On cold days when Franklin’s bouncing around, looking for an activity, a bully stick gives him a healthy, appropriate task. G&E Pharmacy is the cheapest place in Edmonton to find bully sticks: a bag of 12 is $33.

A Barkbox subscription
Barkboxes provide monthly novelty for your pup, in the form of toys, chews, treats, and other goodies. Variety is the spice of life, after all! Each month is a themed surprise, but you can provide details on dog size and dietary restrictions. The best part? Zoe’s Animal Rescue is now a partner in their BarkGood program, which means that with every subscription, $25 goes straight to Zoe’s!


Good luck with your shopping, and happy holidays from Franklin!


Franklin photos by Amanda at Zoography photos