Fosters of the Week: Wednesday & Merlina



Hey, Wednesday. Do you know what this thing is?

No clue, Merlina. I thought it was a fancy water dish for us, but then our foster mom sat on it. When she stood up again, it made this weird, loud noise.

I saw that, too!! Maybe it’s a toy for humans…..

I dunno, maybe. HEY! Let’s go play! NOT IT!!

Wednesday!! Wait up!!

You can’t catch me! Neener! Neener! Neener!!

Oh, yeah!? Wanna make a bet???

I bet ALL your treats that you can’t catch me.

No, way Wednesday! I wouldn’t give up my treats for ANYTHING!

Hahaha! I know, right! I wouldn’t either.

Hey, look! Our foster mom is home!

Yay!! Let’s go snuggle with her. I’m a bit tired from all this chasing and playing.

Maybe she’ll give us treats!

I hope so! I looooooooove treats.

*Purrrrrrrrr* Are you comfy, Wednesday?

Sure am, Merlina. *Purrrrrrrr*

Wednesday, do you remember the time you got locked in the fridge? Hee hee hee….

Haha! Yeah, I was trying to escape, but couldn’t, tumbled around and made a BIG thump inside the fridge. Foster Mom thought I fell behind the fridge. She moved everything, but still couldn’t find me. Then she heard me crying, opened the fridge and there I was!

I enjoyed watching that. I knew you were in the fridge the whole time, you know.

I know, silly sister….

Hey, do you remember that time you pounced on Foster Mom’s face when she was in bed and on her phone? You crashed her phone right into her nose! Bahahahaha!!

Oh, man! That was so fun! Being a black cat is so awesomely stealthy.

We do have a lot of fun together, don’t we, Wednesday?

We sure do, Merlina. Our Foster Mom is a lot of fun, too.

She sure is, I love her. But don’t you think it would be nice to have a forever home?

Yeah, that would be really nice. If you could pick your perfect home, what do you think you would want?

Hmm….well, I would definitely want people who understand we are shy at first and will give us time to get to know each other. And also people who have lots and lots of treats. I like to get to know people who have a lot of treats.

That’s a good one, Merlina. Treats are a must, for sure.

Wednesday, what do you think about kids and dogs?

I think I’d be fine with either, as long as they are nice to us.

You mean as long as we are nice to them?

Hee hee, yeah I guess we can be a little TOO playful and rough sometimes, eh?

Yeah, but we’re learning. Foster mom is teaching us how to play nicely.

She’s so good to us.

I’d like to be adopted with you, Wednesday.

I’d like to be adopted with you, too, Merlina.

I’m sleepy, Wednesday. *Yawn*

Shhhh! I’m trying to dream about our forever family.

But how will they find us?

Easy, Merlina. They can visit my bio and yours, then apply to adopt us. Now hush. Sleep time.

Ok, Wednesday….. ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzZzzzzzz…….