Where the Money Goes

When you make a donation to Zoe’s, 100% of the money goes towards helping our animals. Often, donations help to pay our vets bills or buy supplies for our foster homes (everything from food to cat sand to toys and bedding). To take in a healthy cat and spay/neuter, it costs us ~$200, plus $25 per month for ongoing care. For dogs, the initial cost is ~$350, plus $50 per month for ongoing care. Here are just some of the things your donations can help to pay for:


These are all basic things that almost all of our intake animals need. However, many of our rescues have additional health problems that must be taken care of before they’re adopted out. This year – in the past 8 months – we’ve taken in Brad Pitt, who had a fractured leg, Howie and Todd, who both had mange, Anya, who needed an emergency surgery for a prolapsed uterus, Gemma, who needed surgeries for both double cherry eye and double hip dysplasia, and Janey, who had a broken leg. We also have Mickey, our sweet boy with neurological issues, who needed an MRI. Often, the animals who need us most are the ones that are the most expensive!

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