Dante Diamond


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Dante Diamond   |   Male   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I was hit by a car and taken in to the vet. It didn't seem like I had any owners so the nice people from Zoe's are looking after me until I find my furever home.

Date of Birth: October 2019

Energy Level: Medium to High - I am still full of fun puppy energy, but I enjoy my nap time too.

Size (adult): Medium - Large. I am tall but thin- I should fill out a bit - I am only almost one!

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
Right now I need a home that focuses only on ME and helping me become the most confident I can be!
Good with Cats? No
I do not like small animals.
Good with Kids? Unknown
With proper introductions, and respectful playing, I am sure I would get along well with kids!

Critter Twitter:

So, funny thing happened... I was out skating one day and I ran across the road and got hit by a car! I don't remember much until I woke up safe and warm in a lovely home with lots of food, toys, and attention!

At first I was a little afraid of the other dog that lives in my foster home, but now we are best friends and play all day - with lots of nap time included!

I absolutely love cuddles first thing in the morning and when we have downtime before bed, belly scratches, and pretty much any and all human love and attention! And then there is cheese - where did this heavenly treat come from and please may I have some more?

My foster mum says I'm very helpful at removing the stuffing out of toys - I'm not sure if she really likes that or not... She's great though and every time I see her I like to wiggle my bum with excitement, she seems to like that.

About my Behaviour:

Dante is a guy that likes to be BUSY - mentally and physically. He is going to need a family that will be able to supervise him around other animals at all times. He will likely never be on off leash dog and will not be able to socialize freely. He is being muzzle trained quite well and learning that his crate is his safe spot. He will need lots of redirection and positive guidance with other dogs.

**As a condition of my adoption we get to go to school together! You can pick from the list of approved trainers on the Alberta Force Free Alliance website**

How’s my Health?

After my car accident my xrays were clear so that's good news. I was pretty sore for a while and favoured one side over the other but now I run and play just fine. As far as I know I have no injuries from the triple axle I missed just before I got hit 😉

I am neutered, de-wormed and will be up to date on my shots before I am vaccinated.

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