Merle Grabbag


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Merle Grabbag   |   Female   |   Domestic Short Hair   |   Special Needs

Rescue Story:

I came to Zoe's when I was younger and was diagnosed as a carrier of Feline Leukemia (FELV). I’m not symptomatic or sick but I can pass it to other cats through my saliva so I need to be the only cat in a home. The only medication I need is regular snuggling and love!

Date of Birth: August 2018

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I would need a proper and slow introduction to a cat friendly dog as I don’t want to be their friend right away.
Good with Cats? No
FELV is very contagious and I prefer to be an only cat.
Good with Kids? Yes
As long as they are gentle with me, I love all kids.

Critter Twitter:

I love people and I’m very social! Everyone who comes into the home is my instant friend and I just know they all love giving me cuddles and head pats so I make sure they all have the opportunity. I love to play but once that is done and over with I am with you on your lap or my snoozing place on my scratching post. Do you like sleeping alone? Of course not! No worries, I will be there to sleep on your bed, right next to you, or on you, I may accidentally smother you… but I will try not to! #velcrokitty #supersweetgirl I am also very good about sleeping alone if your door is closed but you won’t be able to resist my morning snuggles to start your day!

About my Behaviour:

I have lots of energy and love to play so I appreciate new little toys from time to time which can include a box or two. I cannot tell you enough how much I love my snuggles! All the better if you have your arm around me and give me smooches. I am very curious but not destructive. I like to explore nooks and crannies and love playing hide and seek so I can surprise you when you walk by! I have good manners and know that when my foster parent says “No Thank You Merle”, that I should stop what I’m doing so I do. I am not really a fan of other cats and since I have FELV which is contagious, I must always be the only cat.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. As it's possible I shed FELV and am just a carrier, I might live a very long life, but no matter how much time I have, it will be spent loving you with all my heart. I would be required to have yearly vet exams and any signs of illness should warrant a vet visit, but don't all pet owner do that anyways? Since I am special needs my adoption fee is only $25.

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