Midge Potts


More photos of me can be found here.

Midge Potts   |   Male   |   Cuddle Bug (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

We came into care with my mom and siblings and another mom and her babies. Now we are old enough to find our forever homes.

Date of Birth: July 2022

Energy Level: High - Very high

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $225 for me or $350 if you adopt me with a sibling.

Good with Dogs? Yes
with cat-friendly dogs and proper introductions. No dogs with any prey drive as I have lots of zoomies.
Good with Cats? Yes
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very high energy young cat friend or to be adopted with a sibling.
Good with Kids? Yes
Especially if they are gentle with me.

Critter Twitter:

I'm a professional purrer and love to cuddle you! My foster purrents are surprised such a loud purr comes out of such a tiny kitty! I have the cutest raspy tiny meow. Even though I'm tiny I'm fast as lightning when I gallop around with my siblings! I love playing with a wand toy.

About my Behaviour:

I am great with other cats no matter their energy level but I do need one to be a young cat-friendly cat for me to play with or you would have to adopt me with a sibling. I am an energizer kitten, meaning I just go, go, go and I need a cat in the home that is similar in energy to help burn off mine.

How’s my Health?

I am vetted. The number of vaccines depends on the length in Zoe's care. It is ideal that I am fed at least one wet food meal a day for hydration.

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