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Nikiki   |   Female   |   Bengal   |  

Rescue Story:

I was going to be euthanized by my owner due to my health issues, thankfully Zoe's took me in to help me recover and find a true forever home.

Date of Birth: November 2015

Energy Level: Very High

Size (adult): Medium

Good with Dogs? Unknown
I have never lived with a dog so it is hard for me to say. It will likely depend on if the dog is cat friendly and would enjoy playing with me. And have zero prey drive.
Good with Cats? Unknown
I have lived with another cat before and have the ability to be good with other cats. I really like to actively play so any cat I live with would need to either enjoy participating in my play or not be bothered by my darting around.
Good with Kids? Yes
I form a very strong attachments to my humans including children. However they should be old enough to understand my behavioral quirks and needs.

Critter Twitter:

I am a very vocal girl who can be quite demanding when I want attention or play time. I love to play (love love it) and I need to have my energy burned off multiple times a day. I become more active at dusk so a very long play session then will help me sleep better at night. I am very curious and love to explore everything, as well be up high. My favorite toys are bottle caps that I enjoy chasing around and playing fetch with. #playplayplayallday

About my Behaviour:

I will require a bengal cat savvy home. One that isn't too small and has tons of spacious areas to play or you add tons of cat shelves and a catio. As a bengal I have extremely high energy and require lots of enrichment daily and tons of exercise. Being a bengal my energy will not lessen and it is like having a permanent 8-10 week old kitten for my entire life. Tall cat trees, cat shelves, ferris wheel and catio would greatly be valued in my eyes. If my energy is not burned off then I do tend to get into a ton of mischief. I found out that food is held in this thing called a refrigerator and have learned how to open the door. Now there's a heavy thing placed in front of it.. boo. I'm an extremely smart girl so you will need to bengal proof your home. Check out this youtube video on bengal proofing your home:

I am being fostered with no other animals currently. I did come from a home with another cat but it's hard to say if I would be ok with other cats. Maybe if they are extremely high energy and very cat friendly with slow proper introductions. Dogs I might be ok with, not sure, but only if they have no prey drive as I get tons and tons of zoomies throughout the day/night. Kids? If they understand bengals and are older yah I am sure we will be fine. Especially if they will play with me.

Currently my foster is home a lot which I love. I might be ok if your gone regular hours if you have other high energy cats in the home, possibly.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. My adoption fee is $400. I do have IBD more than likely so I will require a balanced (nonratio) raw diet for life. I can't do a ratio diet as I do not like red meats of any kind and you need to add red meat to make it balanced. But Stella and Chewys, Primal, and Instinct are all balanced. Or you can get a custom recipe made from a feline nutritionist (check out raw fed and nerdy website).

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