Sticks Valley


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Sticks Valley   |   Male   |   Domestic cutie (DSH)   |   Special Needs

Rescue Story:

Just one of many unwanted kittens looking for a forever home with my brother.

Date of Birth: July 2020

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
with cat-friendly dogs and proper introductions and zero prey drive.
Good with Cats? Yes
I must be adopted with Shovels, any others we will need slow proper intros to cat friendly cats.
Good with Kids? Yes
Especially if they are gentle with me and calm.

Critter Twitter:

My name is Sticks and I am best mates with Shovels. We sleep, eat, play and stalk the dog together. As the leader for me and my brother, I’m adventurous and confident. I explore everywhere and everything. I’m not as chill as my brother, but someone has to be the class clown! I love to cuddle humans! I will crawl up around their necks and sit on their shoulders. I want to be with my humans wherever they go, even when they are cooking! I will sit by their feet and wait for cuddles and pets. I have a lot of personality and charm. #sweetboy

About my Behaviour:

I love the big dog here and I am very comfortable with anything or anyone that comes my way. If the door to the garage is open, I’m there! If the patio doors are open, I’m the first one to want outside. So you must be careful I do not door bolt, maybe access to a cool catio would help with this as well as a lil training. I must be adopted with Shovels as we are extremely close and always want to be near by, especially if you are away. He is quite shy so we do need an understanding home with dogs with no prey drive and calm, gentle kids if any.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I could possibly be deaf or at least somewhat deaf. It's hard to say and would require a test from a specialist to confirm it. The adoption fee for Shovels and I would be $255. I love all food (and shouldn't be free fed) but I love wet food the most. Which is great as its fair healthier for me to eat that instead of dry.

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