Fosters of the Week: George Weasley & Miss Blue


Hi, I’m George, the handsome tabby chap on the right. The smoke show on the left is my sister, Miss Blue.

Don’t mind her. She’s not a snoot, she’s just not as outgoing and adventurous as I am. She’s always in a good mood though and loves to snuggle. In fact, Blue always gets the best snuggle spots and I just fit myself in where I can. I’m a gentleman like that.

We were born at Zoe’s back in 2013.


Look at us! Aren’t we just so cute!?!

We found a home together quite quickly however, we were returned. ::sad face:: We were adopted again, but then our people changed jobs and would be travelling for weeks at a time. ::double sad face:: So here we are…. Back at Zoe’s again. (It’s totally true what they say about Zoe’s… Once a Zoe’s animal, always a Zoe’s animal.)

We’re not down, though, nope! We’ve got each other and Zoe’s has the best foster homes.

As happy as we are here, we really would love to settle down with a forever family. We’re not exactly sure what we are looking for in a forever home, outside of humans who love us, of course. We haven’t been around dogs, so we don’t know how we feel about them. We haven’t been around other cats either, so no opinions on them. (We do like each other, so… haha!) We’ve been around babies, but not kids; we imagine kids would be fine as long as they can respect our space and boundaries. Our only steadfast request is that we must be adopted together. We’ve been together since birth and want to stay together.

If you ask us, we are right in the thick of the sweet spot of Cathood. We are past that annoying kitten stage (we aren’t too proud to admit how annoying we probably were when we were younger), but we still love to play and have fun. We’ve had three years to perfect our cuddle and believe us when we say we are serious pros. We are Turnkey Cats, bring us home, add water and love, and ta-da!!!!

You know what they say about cats…. Why have one when you can have TWO!!

Check out our bios, here and here, and apply to adopt us today! You know you want to!!