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Fosters of the Week: Blue & George

Hey, Blue! I think I see it!

See what?

Our forever home.


Yeah, I’m sure of it.

We’ve been adopted, George??

Not yet. They don’t know we are here.

If they don’t know we are here, how can it be our forever home?

It just is.

George, you’re crazy.

Maybe, but I’m still right. Our forever home is out there.

I dunno, George. We’ve been here a long time.

I know, but that doesn’t mean our people won’t find us. Look at Moose, it took his people over a year to find him!

That is true. His forever home is wonderful, he’s a very lucky guy!

That will be us, Blue. I know it, I feel it in my fur.

How will our forever people find us?

The universe will send them.

Oh, George. You really ARE crazy.

Crazy for cuddles!!

Good grief, George. You’re lucky I love you so much.

Our people will love us like you love me.

You are a hopeless optimist. I’m going to have a nap.

That sounds like a great plan, Blue. I’ll join you, we can dream about our people.

Yeah, maybe we can control the universe with our dreams and make our people find us today.

I feel like you’re being sarcastic, Blue.


Is it, Blue? IS IT REALLY?

Oh, settle down, George. Let’s go find our foster mom and curl up with her.

Fine. But I am telling you, our people ARE out there.

I know they are, George.

You’re just saying that so I’ll stop talking.

Well, yes. I would like to have a nap. But I do believe you.


Yes, George.

I love you, Blue.

I love you, too George.

Tikka Bearhill

Taco Bearhill

Fosters of the Week: Hopper & Petrie

HopperOh, dear…… Petrie?? Are you here? Petrie!!! There are people here. They’re looking at me.


Oh, dear. Oh, my. This is too much. I need to go hide.

*Pitter, patter, pitter….pitter, patter, pitter….pitter, patter, pitter……*




*Snuffle…..snort……snuffley snort….*

PetrieUm….hi? I’m Petrie. I heard Hopper calling for me. Did she go hide?

I thought so, she’s very shy.

She’s fabulous! (She’s my best friend, so I would know…) She’s just an introverted kind of cat most of the time. You should see her run, jump, and climb! Holy catnip!!! Running, jumping, and climbing isn’t usually something to be impressed by when it comes to cats, it’s what we do. But Hopper is special. She only has three legs.

Ok, so she’s not really special. Lots of cats and dogs are short a leg and get along just fine. Just like my girl, Hopper. I once knew a cat with seven legs!! Now THAT is special! No, I didn’t. I’m totally fibbing. Hopper really is a sweet young lady, though. She LOVES to sprawl her fluffy body all out and sleep and sleep and sleep. I swear every nap that girl takes is the best nap ever.

You see, we came from a very, very, very busy home. There were lots of cats. Too many. Our human was doing the very best he could, but it was too much for him. We were thankful for Zoe’s because, as much as our human loved us, it was a very unsafe and scary place for us. Many of us left with scars and fears. That’s why Hopper is so shy and timid. Me? Well, I caught some sort of sinus bug or something and now I can make the funniest snorts and snuffles. I’m healthy now, though, Zoe’s fixed me right up! The snorts and snuffles are a special souvenier, I guess.

I can be shy at times too. New environments and people are scary and intimidating. I wasn’t the ray of friendly sunshine you see before you when I first arrived in this luxurious foster palace. Oh, no! It took me a few months to realize how great it is here. Now I LOVE the pets and scratches – but please do not pick me up. I like all four paws on the floor, thankyouverymuch. And food. Oh, man. FOOD!! (Don’t tell Hopper, but I steal her food ALLLLL the time. Hee hee hee!)

Do you know what else this place has?? A RED DOT!!! Holy Dinah, is that thing ever fun!! Hard to catch too….. Little red stinker.

We’ve been here in our foster’s home for a while now. We had full examinations from wonderful veterinarians and all our medical needs tended too, we also had some much needed dental work done. We are adjusting well to our new lives and I think it’s high time we moved on to our forever home. (Hopper might not think so, but she will be okay. Paws crossed…..)

I think a low-key family would best match our low-key selves. No other animals, please. And probably no small kids. Older kids would be fine. People who will be patient with us and let us go at our own pace is most important. We would love it if you would visit our bios, look at our photos and fall deeply, madly in love with us. So deeply and madly that you are compelled to apply to adopt us.

Yours Forever,
(If you’ll have us…)

Hopper and Petrie


Fosters of the Week: George Weasley & Miss Blue


Hi, I’m George, the handsome tabby chap on the right. The smoke show on the left is my sister, Miss Blue.

Don’t mind her. She’s not a snoot, she’s just not as outgoing and adventurous as I am. She’s always in a good mood though and loves to snuggle. In fact, Blue always gets the best snuggle spots and I just fit myself in where I can. I’m a gentleman like that.

We were born at Zoe’s back in 2013.


Look at us! Aren’t we just so cute!?!

We found a home together quite quickly however, we were returned. ::sad face:: We were adopted again, but then our people changed jobs and would be travelling for weeks at a time. ::double sad face:: So here we are…. Back at Zoe’s again. (It’s totally true what they say about Zoe’s… Once a Zoe’s animal, always a Zoe’s animal.)

We’re not down, though, nope! We’ve got each other and Zoe’s has the best foster homes.

As happy as we are here, we really would love to settle down with a forever family. We’re not exactly sure what we are looking for in a forever home, outside of humans who love us, of course. We haven’t been around dogs, so we don’t know how we feel about them. We haven’t been around other cats either, so no opinions on them. (We do like each other, so… haha!) We’ve been around babies, but not kids; we imagine kids would be fine as long as they can respect our space and boundaries. Our only steadfast request is that we must be adopted together. We’ve been together since birth and want to stay together.

If you ask us, we are right in the thick of the sweet spot of Cathood. We are past that annoying kitten stage (we aren’t too proud to admit how annoying we probably were when we were younger), but we still love to play and have fun. We’ve had three years to perfect our cuddle and believe us when we say we are serious pros. We are Turnkey Cats, bring us home, add water and love, and ta-da!!!!

You know what they say about cats…. Why have one when you can have TWO!!

Check out our bios, here and here, and apply to adopt us today! You know you want to!!