Zuzu Wonderful


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Zuzu Wonderful   |   Female   |   Stripey Slinkster (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I came into care with Potter and Travers, all different ages so we aren't related. But I'm ready for my forever home now!

Date of Birth: October 2023

Energy Level: Level: Medium-High. I’m chill for a kitten and I love to cuddle, but I also love to play and when I play, I play hard. Really hard.

Size (adult): (adult): I am currently a lanky kitten with jumbo ears but I will grow up to be cat-sized.

Adoption Fee: $225 for me.

Good with Dogs? Unknown
I haven’t got up close and personal with a dog, so I’m not sure. I’ll get back to you on that!
Good with Cats? Must have a cat friend
I like other cats if they respect my boundaries. I will defend myself if they don’t. A young kitty playmate would be greatly appreciated.
Good with Kids? Maybe
Kids? I haven’t met any human kittens, but I’m pretty open to new things, so I would probably get along well with calm, gentle kids who will give me space when I need it. I bet it would be fun to have a small human to play with me!

Critter Twitter:

They named me Wonderful, and they are not wrong. I am a confident, outgoing, silly sweetheart who loves to cuddle and purr. Sometimes the human puts me in a baby wrap and I gently touch their face and purr and purr until I fall asleep, all safe and warm. I love being cuddled but I’m also fine on my own—I keep myself busy napping, snacking, and looking out the window. I enjoy playing with toys including wand toys and the kitty tunnel but my absolute favourite so far is the Cat Dancer, which is a wire with these fascinating little bits to pounce on. #playplayplay

About my Behaviour:

I can be quite food motivated, so if you bring fast food home, watch out (you ordered that to share, right?)! I’m so clever, I bet you could clicker-train me if you wanted to! Honestly, I am the whole package.

I am young and I do need another young very cat friendly cat in the home for me to play with. I'd love another kitten playmate if possible! I am good with all cats as long as they are respectful of my needs, I am a torbie and I have no problems sticking up for myself. They need to respect my space otherwise I have no problems telling them off. Perhaps a home with just one other kitty or max two would be best.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed and have had my first shots. I should be fed at least one meal of wet food a day for hydration.

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