Foster of the Week: Reepacheep


I’m Reepacheep, but I prefer to be called Henry.¬†Henry Rollengardner.

I’m a chinchilla! (I don’t know why I need to announce that. Maybe because chinchilla is fun to say? Chinchilla! Chinchilla! Chinchilla!)

I came to Zoe’s because my previous home was too, too busy and it stressed me out. I don’t mind a little hustle or small bits of bustle, but I do need my rest. Chinchillas are nocturnal, which can be a bit of a challenge for people. They are awake when I want to sleep and when they want to sleep, I want to play! The easiest way to handle this is to have my enclosure away from high-traffic areas in the home. That way I can be in the busy parts of the house when I want to play, but also have quiet when I want to sleep. Plus my nighttime antics won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping.

I’ve been a little skittish when it comes to human contact. Smaller animals tend to take longer to form a bond and trust their humans. My foster family has been patiently and slowly working to boost my confidence and help me become more comfortable with handling. I’m still unsure about being picked up, but I am starting to love pets and scratches. I have a sweet spot and if you find it, I will coo and smile in delight! I LOVE to be out of my enclosure to run and explore and chase my humans. Especially when they have treats. Be sure to keep a close eye on me when I am loose, though, I can be mischevious and chewy.

I may be partial, but chinchillas make great companion animals! We are generally quiet and low-maintenance, but also sweet and silly and fun. The most important part of being a chinchilla parent is providing an appropriate environment, like making sure there are places to tuck in and hide as well as chinchilla exercise equipment like a running wheel and climbing structures.

If your home sounds like a great home for me, and you’re looking to add some fun and silliness to your life, visit my bio and apply to adopt me!