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Fosters of the Week: Dog Squad

Like the Cat Crew last week, these four past Foster of the Week pooches are still waiting for their forever families to find them.


We can’t believe Chinook hasn’t found his forever home. I mean, look at that face!! Chinook can be a little shy at first, but once he warms up, he’s ALLLLL heart. He loves all people, little ones too, and all animals (little ones too!) With just a little time and patience, this sweet and gentle guy will the best friend you’ve ever had. Given the bone-chilling temperatures lately, I think we could all use a little ‘Chinook‘ in our lives. Start 2017 with a new best friend, apply to adopt Chinook!


Handsome, silly and playful Chance returned to Zoe’s this past summer. Since then he’s been splashing in ponds, playing with dog friends and, as you can see, lapping up peanut butter. Lucky dude!! Chance is a big ol’ sweetheart, but he has some leash issues to work through so he does need an experienced and patient family to continue working with him. He is very smart and eager to please; your efforts will be rewarded tenfold with more love than you can handle! Do you have fitness goals for 2017? Then this high energy guy is for you!


Scruffy ain’t scruffy no more! Maybe we should change his name to Spiffy! This little man came in needing love, care, and attention inside and out. We tended to his medical, physical and behavioural needs and wouldn’t you know, Scruffy acquired a spring in his step and a flutter in his heart that turned him into the biggest little sweetheart around. What’s better than a cold evening in front of the Christmas tree with a piping hot beverage? A sweet Shitzu on your lap to enjoy it with you!


Arrow is the perfect man: He is adventurous, he is playfully silly, and he is a superb cuddler. He’s a take charge kinda guy (read: stubborn as a mule), so he does need a strong and experienced owner to make sure he stays on the gentlemanly side of the scale. But if you put in the time and effort, your bond with Arrow will be unbreakable. Slovak Cuvacs are loyal and loving to the end, Arrow is no exception. If your perfect day involves hiking a new trail followed by relaxing in front of an intriguing movie, Arrow is the guy for you!

Arrow Oliver

Vincent Vega & Mama Cory: A Love Story


A few months ago, a gorgeous, but homeless and pregnant, young girl showed up on the doorstep of a home in one of our target communities. The wonderful people took her in but were unable to keep her and her puppies, so they called us. We brought everyone into care and gave Mama Cory and her pups, the Flower Litter, a safe place to stay. From the beginning, this sweet, semi-feral mama was shy, timid and distrustful of people. We knew she would need some extra time and TLC. After taking wonderful care of her puppies, they were sent off to their foster, then forever, homes and Cory moved on to her own foster home to get the love and attention she needed and deserved.

Vincent Vega also showed up on the doorstep of a home in the same target community as Cory. Homeless (but not pregnant, for obvious reasons), Vincent was taken in by the caring gentleman, but unfortunately he couldn’t stay. Also semi-feral, shy, timid and distrustful, Zoe’s brought Vincent into care, placing him in a kennel where he could be with other dogs and transition more comfortably.

Mama Cory wasn’t doing so well in her foster home. She was exhibiting somewhat severe separation anxiety and appeared to be very unhappy as a solo dog in her foster home. Zoe’s decided to move to Cory to a kennel where she could have the kind of company she needed. The same kennel Vincent was staying.

The two became immediately inseparable. Literally. At night, Mama Cory (AKA Lady Houdini) breaks out of her kennel to get into Vincent’s kennel so they can snuggle. During the day, they are always together. And when Vincent went on the lam the other day, Cory was all it took to bring him back in.


We suspect Vincent and Cory may have known each other before coming to Zoe’s as they both came from the same community and they bonded so quickly. Both dogs need to go to a home where they will have a canine sibling, so why not go together? Vincent and Cory are a part of our BFF Program. That means you can adopt Vincent and Cory together at a reduced fee so they can be BFFs forever.

Learn more about Cory here and Vincent here. Maybe these besties can be your new besties!

Foster of the Week: Howard Stern



*Paging Dr. Howard! Paging Dr. Howard!*

We have a foster mom down with the sickness.

I repeat: Foster mom is down with the sickness!

The only cure is…………PUPPY SNUGGLES!!!!!

(The crowd erupts in laughter and awes!!)

Hahahahahaha!! I’m such a funny guy!!

I’m not REALLY a doctor. (That was a pretty convincing impersonation though, wasn’t it?!) But if I was, I’d definitely be DOGtor McDreamy.

He’s a bum man, right? I’m bum man.

I like attention. If I’m not getting yours when I want it, I’ll let you know. With a little nip on the bum.

Hee hee hee…..

My foster parents call me “How How” and say I’m more like Scooby Doo than my namesake. Maybe I’ll grow to be Howard Stern-ish, but right now, I’m a big ol’ goofball of love. I like to be near you. Really I prefer to be ON you, but I’ll settle for following you around the house and showering you with kisses whenever I can. I’m all about the cuddles too. My foster mom really is sick right now and I just want to be close to her. I may not be a ‘real’ doctor, but I know puppy snuggles are a cure-all.

When I’m not shadowing you or cuddling, I am playing!! My foster brother is a great playmate! I don’t have an ‘off’ button though, so my Puggle-bro has to let me know when he’s had enough. I’m good about giving him a break and finding a toy to play with. Or a sock. Oh, man… those socks! Entertaining for hours! I’m growing every day and have no idea how to control these giant paws and gangly legs of mine. I’m constantly bumping my head too. It didn’t stick out that far yesterday!! Silly head….

As goofy as I am, I have learned so much since coming to my foster home. My foster parents are so great, have been so patient and worked so hard. When I first came here, I was scared of doors and stairs and didn’t know any commands. I still have a lot to learn and work on, but I’m handling stairs and doors like a champ! I’ve learned a few commands, too. Although I’m pretty easily distracted……

WHOA! What was that?!?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!

That was pretty crazy, man. Right outta nowhere!

What was I saying??

Oh, yeah! You look like you need a friend! Go check out my profile and apply to adopt me!


Foster of the Week: Chinook


Hi! I’m Chinook, pleased to meet you.

People tell me I’m an “old soul,” and that I’m like a warm wind on a cold winter day. Maybe, but really, I’m just happy to be out of the dump I was living in.

Life is so good now, sometimes I nip myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

When Zoe’s picked me up from the dump, I wasn’t in the best shape. I’m blind in one eye and have a degenerative disease in the other; I was being bullied, I was skinny and had a pretty serious leg injury. I didn’t feel good about myself and had little confidence. Zoe’s took me in, fixed up my leg and placed me in the most wonderful foster home. I’m healing remarkably well, inside and out. Every day I grow stronger and more confident. I am so grateful for this new life.

I’m living with the loveliest people; I like cuddling the littlest ones most of all. They’ve given me a warm place to sleep, fresh food and water every day…. And they take me on walks through the ravine! I love the ravine! (My foster mom says I am brilliant on a leash.)  The dogs in my foster home are great too. I have so much fun playing with them in the snow.

I have to be honest with you though. As good as this new life is – and it is GOOD – I have some anxiety when I’m left alone. I’m working on this with my foster family but, just like people, it’s going to take time to work through. I need patient people who are home most of the day or who can take me with them to work. I also want a home with another dog, I need a friend. Friends are the bits of bacon in the kibble bowl of life.

I may have started my life in the dumps, but I’m not staying there! I have a lot of love to give. I’m young, well-behaved, calm and gentle.

So let’s go! The ravine is waiting! Apply to adopt me!